Monday, April 23, 2007

5 miles, 10:45 pace

I went back to the Lunken bike path today after work for a recovery run. I felt a lot less sore when I woke up this morning compared to how I have been feeling lately after my long runs. I hope it is not a coincidences that I used Hammer Nutrition's Recoverite after my run yesterday. Although I wasn't sore, my legs were tired. I wore my new Keen Wasatch Crests to break them in. I am hoping to break them in enough this week so I can wear them in Virginia for this weekends race. I kept a slow steady pace and tried to get into "24 hour mode" for my race this weekend. It was a beautiful day which equals beautiful women out for an evening run. I did get in brief speed intervals as I ran by all the hotties. I'm a sucker for a female runner, plus Chicks dig the speed.

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Kim said...

No male wants to get "chick'd"!!