Tuesday, April 17, 2007

2 miles 8:00 pace

My recovery from McNaughton isn't coming along as fast as I would like. I was still sore Monday and a little bit today. My run felt pretty good today but I wanted to get back to my normal 10 mile runs, hopefully that will happen tomorrow, but we'll see. I really want to start waking up early in the morning and run 2-5 miles before work/school. Maybe tomorrow? Of course I have been really wanting to do that for the past month now. I am not a morning person. If I have to be at work by 9 I wake up at 8:15, get ready in 15 minutes then make the 30 minutes drive. I think I am going to need 2 runs a day at least on some days if I want to reach 90 miles a week for four weeks before Mo. I don't like doing more then 10 milers on weekday nights. My mileage build up isn't going so hot either. I have been short on miles my last 2 weeks. I am hopeing to get in 70 miles this week, with 2 20 milers on Saturday and Sunday. I think I am going to make my first visit to Mo on Sunday, I wonder how lost I can get up there...


Mike said...


For once, I ran faster than you! I just got back from 2 miles in 15:17, the first mile was 30 seconds slower than the second...

Of course, I am pretty much fresh and you just ran a 50 miler....oh well.

Today I ran 8.65 miles total.

On Sunday morning we are running the first 20 miles of the Burning River course, not to try to tempt you away from Mo....but it is there if you want to come! Saturday I am running the Big Bear Lake 20k trail run in WV with Kim.


Chef Bill Bailey said...

Here is an Inspirational Quote to get you out of bed in the AM.
"Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement." Brian Tracy, Eat that Frog
If this doesn't work let me know Mike & I will run to Cincinnati and wake you up.

Josh said...

Speedster Mike,

hmm, it would be nice to run with other people. I will think about coming up to BR on Sunday. I will let you know.


Bang on my door at 6:00 tomorrow morning, that should do the trick! But until then the quote will have to do.

Kim said...

I will try and write you an email later that might get you to the trail heads for the Mohican course. The problem is, although we say "orange" and "red" these are just race designations and they aren't marked that way. The "red-green" portion, which is mostly bridle trail, is marked with Mohican 100 Logo. You might be able to follow that. I've been working on a web page with Robin Fry's description and adding my comments and pics to it. Of course I haven't got it on the internet yet.