Sunday, April 8, 2007

4 miles, 10:53 pace

I put in 4 miles today to finish off the week. My legs were really tired but at least they weren't hurting.

Weekly Mileage: 60.5


Addy said...

Great job on the mileage this week!

Kim said...

Josh, where are you with nutrition issues. I haven't seen you post much on this.
If you haven't been training with some food products of some kind, you need to start now.

Josh said...


I have yet to find an aid station food that doesn't agree with me. I do must of my long runs as races so my food intake is covered. for my normal training runs of 15 miles or less I can eat right before I go out without upsetting my stomach and I eat right after I finish, I only carry a water bottle, that’s my nutrition strategy, it hasn’t failed me yet. There has only been one time where I have been significantly affected by nutrition during a race and that was because I wasn't taking in enough calories (LBL 50 miler), I’m still bitter about that one! It won’t happen again.