Tuesday, April 3, 2007

10 miles, 8:49 pace

Today's run was quite a challenge. My legs were still tired from my weight workout on Monday, and the weather was less than cooperative. By the time I got of work it was pouring down rain and gusting wind. It is very important for me to stick with my mileage build up with Mohican so close, so I just had to deal with it. The rain and wind really chopped down my pace, I wanted to run at 8:30 pace but I was happy with the effort. I ran The hill loop around campus.


Addy said...

Great job getting out there in adverse conditions.

Have you found lower leg weights to be helpful w/ training? I mean to do them, but I'm always worried about recovery and feel like I should save my legs for running.

Do you have any more races planned before the big one?

Josh said...


I have the same qualms about strength training as you. I don't like to do to much because it slows down my training runs, but I think it does a lot for injury prevention. I am just starting to get back into it. I think once you get past the first few weeks your legs will adjust and it wont slow down the running as much. For right now I am only going to do 1-2 days a week of strength training.
I do have some races on my schedule before Mohican:
McNaughton Park 50 miler
Promise land 50k (possibly)
Flying Pig Maraton
Gnaw Bone 50 miler
Berryman Trail Marathon
there could be some others that pop up but this is what I have for now.

Kim said...

I like to visit your blog so I can see how many days before Mohican LOL.

Strength training is great for injury prevention. I usually try to do 2 weight/core workouts a week.