Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Since yesterday morning I haven't had much of an appetite. I felt horrible all day today. I think I have some type of stomach virus and am feeling week from not being able to eat. I had a similar problem around Thanksgiving. Luckily it only lasted one day then I was able to recover. I am hoping this is the same thing. I will be super pissed if this screws up my race this weekend!


Kim said...

Hope you get over the virus soon. Hydrate hydrate hydrate. What is the weather like down south??

I wonder if Rob knows his comments are turned off.

Josh said...


high of 74 low of 54. not supposed to rain. Should be a great day/night. If I can only kick this virus!

Addy said...

Sorry you're sick! Hope its a 24 hour bug and that you'll be just fine by tomorrow :)

Get well soon!!!

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Kim's right make sure you drink lots of water. You may have some type of foodborne illness.

How do you feel today?

Josh said...

my stomach is feeling a little better today. I still don't feel like eating much, but I seem to be able to keep it in so I will eat as much as I can and hope I feel better tomorrow.