Sunday, May 27, 2007

10+ miles, around 12:30 pace

Brian, Bob and I met at MAF tonight at 7:30 to get in some night running. None of us have a whole lot of experience with our headlamps and will Mohican closing in on us Brian and I took this opportunity to get a little more prepared. It had rained today and the trail was slick. The first 5+ mile loop it was still light enough to not require our lamps. My legs felt very good today. I couldn't even tell I had run the day before. They wanted to go fast, but with Mo so close I knew there is no point in doing any fast running so I held them back. The rain picked up at the end of the first loop and continued into the second.
As soon as we hit the trail for the second loop it was dark enough to require the lights. Mike joined us for this loop and I ran with him while Brian and Bob ran together. The rain was making the trail increasingly slippery. The combination of slick trails and low light made for an exciting, challenging 5 mile loop. This night running reminded me how much you have to pay attention to every footfall in the dark.
I had some trouble seeing, but I know I will be moving a lot slower during the night at Mohican so I am not worried about being able to see. I used my headlamp in my 24 hour race and didn't have any problems with it. I really enjoyed this run, the elements made it quite the adventure. Brian and I plan to run the next few Sunday nights to sharpen our night running skills before the big day!

Weekly Mileage: 70

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