Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Speed Work

10 miles total

2 mile warm up: 8:47 pace
1 mile: 7:50
1 mile: 7:13
800m: 6:49 pace
800m: 6:23 pace
800m: 6:27 pace
800m: 5:53 pace
2 mile cool down: 8:29 pace
2 miles of walking in between repeats

This speed work session was missing one key element, SPEED. Any soreness that I had left over from Sunday was gone today. My legs are still tired. As you can see from my splits, my legs got stronger as the workout went on today which was surprising but welcomed. My recovery is going well. I should be close to normal by tomorrow.


Addy said...

glad your recovery is going so well! You're quite the running machine :)

E-Speed said...

aha Thanks Josh! I knew it was some funky song!

I hit the hills last night I don't think my legs were down with that plan :)