Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I woke up with a familiar twinge in my shin this morning. It is nothing serious, just enough to let me know it is too close to Mo to be trying out new shoes. I will not do anymore running in the slingshots until after Mo. I started studying the race packet for the first time today. I have looked at the map before but it didn't mean much before I went up there this weekend. Now I can put the pieces together. All of those different sections could get a bit confusing. I need to make sure I know what section to run when. I am sure there will be aid station workers to guide us but I don't to rely on them.


Kim said...

It's not so bad after you have run on some of the course, the loop things make sense. Of course it shouldn't be presented as a loop ( at leas the green-red-orange sections).Just let me know what you dont understand I will try and set you straight!

Josh said...


Thanks, I understand it all now, but I am not sure what I will be able to understand at mile 75!

Addy said...

good idea to lay low on the new shoes.

I'm sure the aid station people will help guide you if you ask for directions. But make sure you have a map just in case :)

So, are you in full blown taper now?

Josh said...


I will not enter my full taper until next week. I have stopped any hard training but will run 60-70 easy miles this week.