Thursday, May 31, 2007

1o miles, 12:00 pace, trails

I felt sluggish today, nothing a two week taper won't cure. The fire flies were out for the first time this year. I started a new experiment with the deer of Mt. Airy Forest today. From now on whenever I pass a deer I will wave at it. My goals is to build up a camaraderie with the deer strong enough so eventually they will allow me to pet them. I will become the deer whisperer. I will keep you updated on my progress. I had a playful exchange with a baby deer midway through this evenings run. I heard something following me on the trail. When I looked back I saw this cute baby deer bouncing down the trail. I spooked it when turning around so it scurried up the hill into the trees. It followed me from a distance for a while then came back onto the trail about 10 yards in front of me and started running again. I chased it for about 10 seconds until it disappeared into the woods for good.

I am still trying to figure out my hydration situation for Mohican. I am going to carry one handheld but I need something else. I can't decide what to go with. I was originally thinking a single bottle waist pack. I considered my camelback, which I used on our 25 mile training run at Mo. It worked out great, but I am too nervous about carrying the extra weight 100 miles. I will probably use a single bottle waist pack. I just need to go to the running store and find the right one.

My new pacing plan for Mo is to run the first 50 in 13.5 and the second 50 in 14.5 for a total time of 28 hours.

I will be testing this pace at "Another Dam 50K" This weekend. The plan is to finish in 8:30, 16+ minute pace, I don't know if Mike will want to stick with me the whole time. Maybe if I'm lucky I can finish DFL!


Anonymous said...

Damn right I am sticking with you. I bought a new water bottle, one of those UD bottles for Sat. Should be enough since the farthest between aid is 4.4 miles.

I have tried in vain to get some others to join us. No luck.

Didn't run today...may do something short today...nothing too taxing.

I don't care about our finishing time man, and we can be both be DFL. In fact, that is cool, we can get "chicked" as often as possible! Sounds good to me.

Addy said...

haha...I love your deer (and, really, dear) goal. How sweet to want to be one with the deer :). That encounter with the baby deer sounds so fun though!

Good luck figuring out the hydration strategy and have fun at that 50k!

Sensationally Red said...

How come I wasn't invited? Didn't want to ruin your concentration??? LOL! What the hell is DRL? My vote is with waist pack, for whatever its worth...probably nothing...

Anonymous said...

DFL is Dead F#$%ing Last. Unless I am mistaken....

Ran 6 miles with the Vertical Runner trail group tonight Josh....:) will post it in a little while after seeing Shrek 3 with my monkeys.

During our run, one girl (a hot one by the way) got screwed on the trail. You better read about it!