Friday, May 25, 2007

15 miles 16:00 pace

I walked into work today and before I could sit down at my desk my boss told me that I had the day off. That would have been nice to know on Tuesday when I first asked if I could take Friday off, but I wasn't going to argue. I ran out the door as fast as I could!
I went to MAF to get in some to do some Mo race pace running. I plan to average 17-18 min. miles throughout the 100 so 16 min. miles for 15 was pretty close. As you might expect the run was VERY easy, more boring than anything. One problem that I did notice was that my hips began to tighten up about 10 miles into the run. This is something that usually happens to me 30-35 miles into a race. I think going so slow makes it happen earlier. This makes me wonder if I might be trying to go TOO slow. If my hips lock up by mile 50 it won't matter how good my muscles feel, I won't be able to move my legs! This hip issue is something that has often been my biggest vice in previous races. I guess I will hope it doesn't become as big of a problem as I think it could.
After the run I took the advice of "fast Tony" and took an ice bath. Like Red, I could never before throw my self into a tube if ice after a run. I tried it once before, but only got half a foot into the water before giving up. This time I actually did it! It wasn't that bad. Don't get me wrong, it was cold as hell (hmm, that makes absolutely no since) at first, but after a minute it feels OK.
On behalf of Red I have come up with some Ice bath tips that might help her and other cold water wimps like us.

A cold water wimp's guide to an ice bath

1.) Sit in the tub while you are filling it up with cold water. It is less of a shock to your system if the cold water surrounds your body a little bit at a time.

2.) sitting in the tube while it fills, take a cup and pour the cold water slowly on your legs. Then when the water level rises it wont be as surprising.

3.) as the tub fills put the ice in a cup full at a time, until you get used to the coldness, then dump it all in (I used a 22lb bag.)

4.) While you are freezing your ass off just think " I am taking advice from a sub 3 hour marathoner, something good has to come of this!"


Maria said...

Hey Josh-sorry your hips didn't feel so hot. Like you said, maybe you should bring your pace up just a bit.

As for the ice baths...I love 'em, it's pure torture but the results are phenomenal!Although I'm way more likely to do them in the summer as opposed to the dead of winter. :)

Mike said...

wow....I am just getting back to the internet world...missed a lot of your posts! I have to try ice baths....maybe one of use could bring a plastic tub to Dayton for after the 50k? What do you think?

how about a standup garbage can (plastic) and we both do three minutes in it at the halfway mark...and then 5-10 minutes at the end?