Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5 Miles 11:00 pace

I went back to MAF today. I ran the same 5 mile loop which I covered 9 times Sunday with Brian. My legs are still a bit heavy from Sunday but I was able to glide comfortably over the trail, maintaining a good pace for the terrain. I don't know how it is Possible that we ran this trail for 12 hours Sunday, yet today I still found 2 course markings that we had missed while sweeping the course!
I am excited about going up to Mohican this weekend as I haven't been up there yet. It's like meeting that friend of a friend for the first time. Sure, you've talked to her on the phone. She sounds hot, but you can't be sure. All you have to go by are her school pictures which only show her face, who knows what she's hidding under there. By this time you have already comitted to hanging out with her so you can't act too dissapointed if she isn't what you were expecting. Ok, so maybe this comment doesn't have as much to do with Mohican as I first thought, just having a middle school flashback, my apologizes.


Anonymous said...

OK, yeah yeah...you are going to meet some new girl or something...but did you pick up any TRASH? You know, in the MAF.


Kim said...

I think you'll like her.