Monday, May 28, 2007

5 miles, 12:30 pace

I did one easy loop at MAF this evening. The trail conditions were perfect. It was mostly dried out from the rains last night and this morning. I tried out my new La Sportiva Slingshot's. These are a light fast trail running flat. They are made for short distance trail runs as they don't have the support of ultra trail shoes. I have never been a fan of the extra bulk that a long distance trail running shoe adds with the extra support. I don't think my foot requires all that extra support. They worked out great for today's short run. I am going to try to use the Slingshots for ultra distance races. I don't know if I will use them for Mo. That will be decided as I break them in over the next few weeks.

Going into today I had a streak of 4 months and 1 day without falling while on the trails (since the Winter Buckeye 50K.) I think this is rather impressive with the amount of races I have done in this period. That streak came to an abrupt end today with a hard toe snagging spill on a fast downhill. It was strange. I just laid there for a second and thought about how long it had been since I have done that. A very foreign feeling.

I am not going to officially start my taper until next week, but I am done with all hard training. I will get in 60-70 miles this week then cut way back the next two weeks doing short runs to keep the legs loose.


Addy said...

Great job this weekend with all the running! You sound so ready for Mo :)

*knock on wood* I have yet to really actually trip and fall on a trail yet. I've tripped but always managed to save myself from connecting with the ground.

That said, I've tripped on the uneven pavement a bunch of times.

Falling is really such an oddly foreign but also familiar feeling

Anonymous said...

will you wear the slingshots saturday? I am going to maybe bring two or three pairs and change mid run, like I plan on doing at BR...we will see.

I am super excited for Saturday, even though, or especially because we are running a slower pace.

Kim said...

Slower pace my ass. You two are going to need to tie a cement block around your waists to slow down, I know what will happen when testosterone collides.

Josh said...


No Slingshots Saturday (Today's post explains.)
Saturday will be a blast. I hope my slow pace wont frustrate you to much.


I can assure you I will be going very slow, I am afraid if I run to hard you might yell at me for not taking it easy. It will be atleast 30 miles into the race before I trip Mike and sprint to the finish :)

Josh said...


The concrete jungle is much more dangerous than the trails! I hope you are right about me being ready for mo. I wish I was as ready as you will be for the trt50K!

Anonymous said...

Trip me ha! I will just shoulder you out of the way into a tree, BEFORE you trip me. Or maybe I will set up some elaborate Tom and Jerry type trap to smack you in the face and flatten your head right before the finish, so I can cross the line laughing like an evil genius...muhahahaha

Seriously, I understand re: the Slingshots. I think I am bring several pairs of shoes to try and I will change them once or twice like I will in a 100 to get that practice in.