Saturday, May 19, 2007

well this week has really sucked for running. I was swamped all week at the office working 15 hour days with no chance for running. Today I was finally able to go for a run. I did a short fun intense 3.75 mile loop on relatively technical hilly single track trail, just to make sure my legs still work, they do. It felt nice. I ran short because I will be doing 50 tomorrow. Next week should allow me to get back to normal training. Mohican is so close!


Kim said...

I have forgotten where you found this 50 miler. You need to start tapering sometime soon after this.

Josh said...


The 50 tomorrow is not a race. I will be running with Brian (who is also doing Mohican) in Mt. Airy Forest. I want to have 2 more weeks of high mileage before starting my taper.

Addy said...

wow...awesome. Have a great time with the 50!

I'm starting to get really excited for you for Mohican. With all this training you're going to do awesome things out there

Josh said...


Thanks! Today was an encouraging run. I am going to play it very smart at Mo. My ONLY goal is to finish. The plan is to start out slow and finish slow.