Thursday, February 28, 2008

13.1 Miles, roads, 1:53:47, (8:40 pace)

This run was yesterday, but my laptop is officially busted so I couldn't post it until now.

I mapped out a new route on so I thought I would give it a try. It's a 5.55 mile loop. It's really nice, has a decent amount of long gradual hills, not to much trouble with traffic. It even has a hurdle about half way through, for some reason there is a guardrail right in the middle of the street, so cars can't get by. I'm not sure why it's there, maybe it's separating city limits? Glad I was running and not driving, I just hopped over it. I ran this loop twice, then when I realized I had 11.1 miles I thought I might as will do a one mile out and back to get in a half marathon. It is exactly one mile from my apt. to the cemetery, so I ran there and back. I wanted to be closer to 8:00 pace, but I'll blame that on the icy conditions causing me to be very cautious and the cold temps, and making sure I didn't make any wrong turns, I'm just full of excuses :) I felt good throughout the run, a little achy, but that's what I get for doing almost no running for two days (busy with school).

Loop 1 (5.55 miles): 48:59
Loop 2 (5.55 miles): 47:37
Last 2 miles: 17:11


Anonymous said...

Both BR and Mo look promising. I have not registered for anything at McNaughton and if it is still open and I do, I will probably go with 50 as a training run for Mo/BR. If I wait too long I think I will still come and volunteer/pace. :)

Liz said...

YOU ARE GOING SUB 3 THIS YEAR! yes!!! i know you will. hey mark and i are planning a marathon reunion in the fall...we are looking for pretty and fast marathons. my votes are twin cities, st george, and philly. are you in? talk about the perfect places for sub 3!

and. my life goal is to own a pineapple farm ( i'm not kidding: i learned how to grow one today...i will test it out here in ohio and see if we're ready for the big league on the big island..)

i really can't decide about cleveland. my friend told me to run less marathons. i know its backwards, but i would love to run an OT qualifying time in october of '09 (when it opens for one day only). i will see how boston goes and probably focus on building footspeed. my point is: i might just run the half and cheer for you guys/make lunch banana sandwiches. :)

Nick said...

I was trying out the Map My Run website last night and was thinking about saving my routes. I've know about it for a while just never gave it a try. It is a cool site.
Don't you just love how on any given day, you can go out an run nearly whatever distance you want?