Monday, February 25, 2008

23 miles, about 5:30, Snowy trails

I went to Mohican today with the plan to run 2 red/green loops for a total of 44 miles with Wendy, Regis, Gabe and Rob (who ran solo because the rest of us were late.), but the 3 inches of snow on the trails made for slow going and we didn't have time for a second loop before dark. After that I tried to do the Blue loop (4 miles) but I got lost so had to turn around. You would think I would know my way around by now...but I don't. I felt good throughout the run today. I would have liked to get both loops in but it just wasn't going to happen with the trail conditions. It was a very nice day.


Nick said...

Good to know about the trail conditions. I wanted to go up there in a few weeks. Hopefully by then it will clear up a little because running in snow can be miserable.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Glad to see you anyway!

Liz said...

hi! it sounds like you had a good run on sunday. aren't you just ready for this weather to turn around? i am for sure. i picked up the saucony triumphs...they are a great shoe, same kindof feel as the sinister but a little more substantial...good for long runs. and they are still fairly light.

i'm sorry you fell too, but glad to hear i'm not the only one :) its terrible! i'm so over the winter!

:)have a good day!