Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 miles, 7:59 pace, Indoor track

Mile 1: 7:54
Mile 2: 7:55
Mile 3: 7:59
Mile 4: 8:15 (sudden, sharp pain behind my left knee, had to stop for 15 seconds and massage it out, didn't bother me after that)
Mile 5: 7:59
Mile 6: 7:57
Mile 7: 7:56
Mile 8: 7:57
Mile 9: 7:58
Mile 10: 7:58

50 push ups
50 sit ups
50 squats

Ran 10 at a decent pace after work tonight, not working too hard as I'm still a little tired from the marathon Sunday. I felt stronger than yesterday, no soreness. Less pain in my right shin, it seems to hurt less during a run when I'm running at a faster pace.


Liz said...

my goodness, what do your weekly miles look like this week?
you are insane :)

Mike said...

insane in the membrane!

hey Josh - it looks like I am running the 21 mile DFW circuit tomorrow morning....26 mile cross timbers trail marathon Saturday morning north of Dallas and then the 44 miles at Mohican with you Sunday. That is one way to get some quick miles!

Josh said...


sounds good!! make sure you save something for Sunday. I'm not giving out any piggy back rides...not to you anyway :)