Saturday, February 9, 2008

15 miles, 7:58 pace, outdoor track


Mile 1: 7:58
Mile 2: 7:57
Mile 3: 8:00
Mile 4: 7:59
Mile 5: 7:59
Mile 6: 7:59
Mile 7: 7:57
Mile 8: 7:59
Mile 9: 7:57
Mile 10: 7:59
Mile 11: 7:58
Mile 12: 7:57
Mile 13: 7:58
Mile 14: 7:57
Mile 15: 7:55

I felt strong through most of my run today. The first 9 miles were pretty easy, after that I started struggling. It wasn't cardio or strength based, I was just running out of energy. I didn't bring any food with me but I had some gel in my car so after mile 11 I took a 2 minute break to walk to my car and grab the gel. After I took the gel the last 4 miles were pretty smooth. My quads started wearing down in the last two miles; I think I was a little tired from the speed work yesterday. I think I'm pretty close to a 3:30 marathon.


Kim said...

And when would that next marathon be? You need to post your race schedule for us stalkers-I mean fans.

Anonymous said...

Dude - you rock! I mean, I hate you.

I can't figure it out, but I am jealous. 15 straight miles of The Pace.

Now that I have done 6 miles and on roads with some hills, I wonder if I can do that on the track. I will try to remember to pack some gels, or Pure Fuel bars for the effort, but it is going to have to get warmer first.

Besides, I have 4 consecutive 400s at 1:27 to go run. :)

I do hope that other shin is ok!

Josh said...


I think the next thon will be LCFB next weekend, but I don't think I'm ready for 3:30 quite yet, I do hope to get a PR though. I'll be going for 3:30 at the Pig for sure.


The track did eliminate the hills, but the winds were a bitch today, so every 200 meters I was getting blown away. I started fading fast when I got hungry, it's amazing how fast those gels kick in once you take them! The shin is tolerable, it hurts the first mile or so then goes away, then hurts after I finish, but it's getting stronger with the different exercises I'm doing for it.

ErieTom said...

Wow, fast pace, but what is with all of the speedwork you have been doing? I'm doing ZERO speedwork in preparation for the 150 miler in April... or aren't you running that race now? I'm confused if you are prepping for that or a sprint marathon.

3:30 marathon - that's moving! Congrats! But I'd worry about that AFTER the 150 miler (but hey, that's just me).

tony said... are ready to run a 3:30 marathon! When you can run 15 miles at marathon pace, you can AND most KNOW you can, because you did that 15 fighting wind & on tired legs after speedwork the day before! Marathon day your legs will be rested from taper, and it's a catered run w/ volunteers handing you gels, water and Gatorade whenever you want it! GREAT JOB!

Josh said...


Make no mistake about it, I will be running the 150 at McNaughton! Because of my injury I don't have time to build up a conventional high mileage training base, I'm backed into a corner so I'm creating a new approach. I'm hoping my cross training and increased leg speed from speed work will help my legs from deteriorating during the late miles at McNaughton. I'll be doing some long slow runs on the trails before McNaughton, but if I try to do all long slow high mileage training with only 2 months before the race, I won’t be able to build up high enough mileage to make that effective and I'll never make the distance. It's an experiment of one, so I'll let you know how it goes :)


You think so? Interesting...

Anonymous said...

I let OPod in on some of Tom's training secrets for his efforts for the 150. OPod is shooting high I think.

I really envy you guys going for the 150 and maybe one day for me, but I am going to nail the 100 distance first a few times. I am still deciding on McNaughton. If my job situation changes (and it looks like it should...) I MAY back of to 50 and pacing at MPTR and then do 100 at Mohican and BR. It will all shake out before the end of March....