Monday, February 25, 2008

2 miles, easy pace

today was a scheduled easy/recovery day. I wanted to run 10 miles at an easy pace ,but when I started running I could tell my legs were still pretty tired from yesterday. I stopped after 2 miles so I wouldn't dig myself into a hole for the harder workouts I have this week.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Bro. Listening to the body and not the ego can be damn hard. We reap more from doing it though.

I am still sore from my dang marathon, but the 3 measly miles I did today were still pretty enjoyable.

Talk to you soon "Ralph!"

Tito the Greaser

Liz said...

oh my goodness we should totally have a peanut butter banana and honey sandwich picnic one day! it made me feel much better today :) i swear that peanut butter has healing power! yeah, i think a day off isn't the worst thing ever, i just get bored when i have 2 extra hours that would normally be spent running.

i am excited for boston as well :) sometimes its funny to think about, because the womens olympic trials are the day before, there will be no american women in the elite start (at least, i dont think there will be). this leaves the unique opportunity for the first girl from the mass start (if she is american...) to be the first american woman. the first girl from the mass start to finish last year ran a 2:54. hmm.

hey, i think you have to wake up before the end of april. don't you have a race? one that would put something like a measly marathon to shame? better stock up on those bananas... :)

tony said...

Josh...sounds like your running is going so well. You're healthy, great speedwork and as always, def getting in the LONG runs!!

I'm also a HUGE banana, peanut butter / honey sandwich guy! Sounds like Liz and I are shooting for same marathon time...2:54 and 6:40 pace. If she runs Cleveland Marathon let me know and we could race / pace together IF she wants.

Josh said...


You can be invited to our picnic :)

Liz is going for 2:50 at Boston, she's speedy!!

2:54? Aren't you supposed to be getting slower when you reach "grandpa" status?? How am I ever going to catch up to you??

Liz said...

yes a picnic! mmm. hey, secret: sometimes when i'm inbetween running and work i watch r.ray. shes the i can't believe i just said that. :) on my next day off i will start with some banana sushi and end with those little chocolate desserts she makes in the espresso cups. how adorable.

i love pineapples too! my friend is in hawaii right now...she called me a few days ago to tell me about how cute the pineapple plant is. have you seen it? its amazing how it just pops out the top. i had something else to tell you but i can't remember...


tony, i did sign up for cleveland but now will wait until after boston to see how my legs feel. i might just do the half. eek. if i do run the whole i would love to pace together ( if i can keep up!) either way. you. josh. and me = banana peanut butter honey picnic afterwards. :)

by the way, josh, are you going to cleveland? gosh, i feel like i'm on a 3 way phone right now ( i was never very good at that) haha.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland - guys, I will finish last so you don't have to. Bringing in the 3:50 train!!!!

Can I have peanut butter and jelly, but maybe just TRY a piece of this peanut butter banana honey thing?

I think Josh will crack three hours in the next year or year and a half.

First he just has to run 150 miles.

BTW Josh, things are looking VERY good for me to run BR100 if you know what I mean.

Bill said...


heading home(Warren/Northeast Ohio) Today and will return Saturday late night. Ran 71 miles last weekend so I am in recovery mode and plan on using Land between the lakes as a training run for Barkley or MMT which ever comes first. Happy trails and best to ya. Glad to see your running again. Crossfit is for girls name Catra. just kidding.

Josh said...


I'm going sub 3 by the end of the year, believe dat.

I guess you can have jelly, but don't expect us to furnish it, afterall, this is a peanut butter banana and honey picnic, no mention of jelly.

Good to hear about BR!! what about Mo?


Sounds good. I need to get in as many long runs as possible before McNaughton. I'll see you at LBL.