Saturday, February 2, 2008

5 miles, 7:29 overall pace, outdoor track

It was perfect weather for a hard run outside tonight, 47 degrees with a light breeze. This is the first training run I've done outside so far this year, I know, I'm a wimp. I've been chained to the indoor track at the rec. So I finally went outside, but I was still running around in circles on a track. I like the precision of a track while I'm doing fast runs, I know exactly where I need to be at any given time to reach my time goals for the run, and you can hit your splits dead on. My quads and upper body were tired from CrossFit this morning, keeping good form was hard after the first mile, but it was a pretty good run. I was really hauling the last 800m, trying to get my final mile under 7 minutes.


Mile 1: 7:12
Mile 2: 7:31
Mile 3: 7:49
Mile 4: 7:54
Mile 5: 6:58

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