Monday, February 4, 2008


4 miles, 7:50 pace, hilly roads

5 miles, 7:42 pace, indoor track

mile 1: 7:41
mile 2: 7:43
mile 3: 7:45
mile 4: 7:45
mile 5: 7:37

CrossFit WOD:

Back squats


Set 1: 100lbs
Set 2: 120lbs
Set 3: 140lbs
Set 4: 140lbs
Set 5: 140lbs


Anonymous said...

I hate you. I did two miles at around that pace average this morning, and was feeling ok about that. Now I gotta go do the other three. Jerk.

Just kidding. tagging on to Tony's comment on the last post, I think your hard work is going to pay off big time. I am motivated by what you do, and it keeps me going back to the gym.

Can we get a rowing time laid down for me to go after this week please? One each of 5k and 500m.

Peace bro.

Josh said...

Ha, When a saw you're post I was thinking "Damn, he ran a 7:34 mile, I only ran a 7:37."

I think both of us will be rewarded for our training. McNaughton Park, here we come! We motivate each other. I'll get in those row times this week, but you already beat my PR's so I'm going to have to step it up to beat your times.

Anonymous said...

Damn you! You ran AGAIN?!?!? I am lacing them up now to go on my loop. No guarantees because I feel like I could shit myself if I am not careful on this run....that tends to hinder the pace. At least if I shart no one will be out there at this hour to see it.


The weather is 55 up here, probably even warmer out there, this is going to be a nice juicy run.

tony said...

Josh, afer you had to take some time off running, it's incredible how quickly you are back to your old mile splits! Sweet!

Nick said...

Is there no stopping you?
Not that I am trying to.

Good job!