Monday, March 26, 2007

1 mile, 15 minutes

I went to the gym after my night class today. My legs were definitely feeling my fun filled weekend. My thinking is that the advantages of pushing through both races this weekend will far outweigh what little extra recovery time my body will require. I could only manage a half mile run followed by a half mile walk. After that I biked easy for 7 miles and 20 minutes. It was nice to see the guy right beside me riding with the same Resistance level at a slower RPM with a HR about 45 BPM higher than mine...the many advantages of an endurance athlete.

Man imposes his own limitations, don't set any

-Anthony Bailey

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Kim said...

I love that comment about the biker next to you.
It is good to get some excercise in to help flush the "lactic acid" (supposedly that is what the soreness is, I'm no expert). It always seems to help me to get a walk in, some sort of excercise, and then do some stretching.