Thursday, March 8, 2007


These are my goal splits for LBL

road to canal loop(1.7 miles) :20
After first loop (13 miles) 2:36
After second loop (24.3 miles) 4:51
After third loop (35.6 miles) 7:07
After fourth loop (46.9 miles) 9:22
Final strech to the finish (50 miles) 9:58:12

Looks good on paper. Time to put it to practice.

"The only way I would fail is if I didn't come out and try" Mike Keller! (Endurance 50)


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

This is the most perfect Quote. Mike has is right. You will do Great! See you there and be careful.

Mike said...

That Mike Keller guy sounds brilliant, you should listen to him! You are going to do great Josh, I can't wait to hear the report. I am stuck in Dallas doing flight training, but nearly so bad as you think...I have my gear with me and as soon as they cut us loose, I am going to run the perimeter of DFW airport...18.5 miles.

I am wishing I was home so I could run the Youngstown 50k, but I will be watching for Kim's report, as well as the others whom I know that are running.