Monday, March 12, 2007

I still feel like a walking zombie from the race. I think I need to eat more, or drink more, or sleep more, or all of the above. My legs feel pretty good. I could probably start running again today if I wasn't so damn tired and my ankle didn't look like it swallowed an orange. I probably wont start running again until Thursday. That will give my ankle some time to heal, and maybe I will study for my finals that I have this week...there is a first time for everything.

"Train hard, win easy."
-The Kenyan Way


Kim said...

"Maybe study for my finals????"
You do really need to eat and drink well this week. It's normal to feel like a zombie.
I don't know if you have come across any of John Morelock's writings, but you should like this:

Josh said...


Thanks for the advice, great link! Can't wait to put those tips to the test at Mo in a few months.

Faithful Soles said...

First of all, great job on the 50 miler! I'll be doing my first one in December and get really inspired reading stories like yours. Second, take it from me, rest the ankle a few days longer than what you think. I stubbornly ran with a left shin splint and have been paying the price for rehabbing it for almost a month.

I wanted to also follow up and thank you again for linking your blog to our running Blog Database. It has now grown to bloggers from 37 states in the US and 21 other countries of all ages and abilities and has become a great resource for members to find blogs that meet their specific goals and interests.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Slow and easy you will know when your ready. Slow should be the key.