Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Just got home from a rough 15 hour day at the office, which gives me enough time to sleep and do it all over again tomorrow. Our big event is tomorrow evening so hopefully things will settle down a bit after that.

Kim told me I need to post my goals for LBL, not wanting to get on her bad side, here they are!

1.) Finish my first 50 miler
2.)Qualify for western states by breaking 11 hours (which is the cut off time for this race)
3.) 9:58:12 is what I think I am capable of running, but I really don't know (don't ask me how I came up with that exact number!)

"I wish I could share the views I've seen."
-David Horton


Anonymous said...


You will succeed at the 50 miler! Wish I could crew for you, pace for you, anything. I will be in Dallas starting Friday for a week.

Kim said...

I like that 9.58.12. !
What is the weather update?

Josh said...


I know you would be there if you could. Don't worry, we will run together soon enough.

Josh said...


the weather is looking like 63 with rain, i'll take it.
yea, 9:58:12 is a nice round number.