Wednesday, March 21, 2007

7 Miles, Trails, 9:30 pace

It was a beautiful day, 75 degrees. there were a lot of people out in the park. I was able to get my run in before it got dark. my legs were feeling pretty heavy. Nice day. Good run.

"I can't do anything well, but I can do it for a long time." Mentality of an ultrarunner


Mike said...


Time to share the love. How bout you email me and Kim the way you got that sweet ass timer on there? I want to make one for Burning River!

Mike (your slower shadow)

Josh said...


It was so easy I figured it out myself! All you need to do is go to , Then click on the countdown timer Icon (first Icon in the first row) You can pick your style and what you want it to say, then just copy the HTML, then go to your blogger site and add a text elemnt, then past the code for your timer into the new text element, and you will be all set!

Kim said...

NO don't Mike. No more scary times. Just say no.

Josh, good luck with the races this weekend!!
You know, I have never been in Mt Airy Forest except one drunken night...long story...wasn't running then!!

Where do you live? (Don't post that here.) I used to live in Northside after life around the med campus. I understand Northside has undergone quite the transformation.