Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Transcending the seasons

10 miles, trail, 9:00 pace

Spring began tonight at 8:07 PM. I started my run in winter (8:00pm) and ended it in spring (9:30 PM). I went to Mt. Airy forest again tonight for a little bit of night running. Besides my first 50K (which started in the dark) I had no experience running in the dark. It certainly presents its challenges, but with a good light running in the dark can be quite fun. The weather was also really nice tonight. There is something so nice about running in shorts, without needing tights underneath. Feeling the breeze on my legs just makes me feel lighter and faster. Since resuming training after my 50 miler, my legs have never felt better. The deer were out in full force tonight. At night they like to hangout by the picnic areas because they know no one will be around to bother them (except crazy runners like me) and I hear the picnic area grass is primo blend. I saw around 10 deer, and a few pair of unidentified glowing eyes in the forest.

I have been trying to decide whether or not I want to drive to Virginia this weekend for the Bel Monte 50K on Saturday or stay home and run the ORRRC Marathon on Sunday. I have decided to eliminate the decision and run them both. I will just treat it like back to back long runs. As you can see from the countdown at the top of my page Mohican is not to far away, its time to clamp down, and it’s a good way to raise my race count, and get a new state (Virginia). If I am able to complete both of these races this weekend (fingers crossed) that will be number 6 and 7 for the year. I am on my way to the goal of 25 marathons/ultras this year, and 100 by age 24.

"Running, one might say is an absurd past time in which we exhaust ourselves. But if you can find meaning in the kind of running you need to do to stay on this team, you might find meaning in another absurd pastime. LIFE" Bill Bowerman, Without Limits


Addy said...

Hey! I'm excited to see that you have a blog too :) Its exciting that your first 100 is coming up so quickly. I'm looking forward to reading about your training as it progress towards your race.

Sounds like you had a really nice run tonight. I had my first experience at night trail running a few weeks ago and really loved it.

Do you mind if I add your blog to my list of 'blogs I like'? It makes it so easy to access blogs that I enjoy looking at :)

Anyways, good luck with training!

Kim said...

Good for you!!! After the 50K in Va, and the drive back, you should be good and tired for the marathon--a good experience for the tired legs!!

Good luck, I have a few friends running Bel Monte,so I will be watching for results!

Josh said...


I don't mind at all of you add my blog to your list, I will do the same with yours!