Monday, February 12, 2007

Active Recovery

10 miles, 10:00-10:30 pace

My legs felt GOOD today. I had the usual soreness but my legs weren't tired. Once I started running I couldn't feel any evidence that I had raced the day before. This was the most I have been able to run the day after a race and it felt really nice. I decided to do some hills because my quads didn't get to much action yesterday with that flat course. I ran a nice two mile hill loop right outside of my apartment. the down hill section is pretty steep and about half of it was still snow covered so it was a lot of fun. Technical down hill running is my favorite. Today reminded me of sled riding as a kid. I always hated walking back up the hill but that never stopped me from sledding down. I thought I might stop after 3 loops but I was having to much fun running down through the snow I had to keep going.

This Week:

Monday 10
Tuseday 10
Wednesday 5
Thursday 10
Friday 5
Saturday 31 (LLTH)
Sunday 10

Total: 81 (probably more like 60 again, but we will see what happends.)


Kim said...

Good job on the 10 miler!
Aren't you going to taper for one day before LLTH?

Josh said...


I will probably end up only running 1 or 2 miles on friday. If I do run five it will be a very slow pace. I hear LLTH is a really tough course, so it should be a challenging training run.