Saturday, February 3, 2007

And the Wind Blows

13.38 miles, 9:34 pace

It was pretty cold today, but it was the wind that really got to me. The water that would splash out of my water bottle was freezing to my clothes. I didn't run to my friends house because I didn't want to get to far away from my apt. and have trouble with the weather. I ran a pretty flat rout up U.S. 42 through Reading into Sharonville to Sharon Woods and back home, with 2, mile long side roads with some hills. Pretty smooth run, no real issues with my body.

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Anonymous said...


I really like your format of putting the miles and pace right at the start of each post. It looks very good, and is fun to look at each time. Keep it up. I am contemplating a 6-7 mile trail run today in the 5 degree conditions. I can get into the woods after the first half mile, and I kind of want to try out some new Gore Tex waterproof trail shoes I bought. We will see, I have a short committment at 2pm and then I can run before the Super Bowl.

I ran the Dirty Dog 10k yesterday on a trail course....did it in 1:02 which is fine with me. I guess that is just over a 10 min pace, but the trails were pretty crappy as far as footing. There was a solid mile where it was just a challenge to not trip or fall over based on snow over rough terrain.

I also swam 2/3 mile in the gym and lifted for like 20 minutes. I try to cross train with weights and other things regularly, because not only do I want to ultra, but also do some triatholons, and I really enjoy other things. For me it is all about managing my body shape.

Keep up the good work, and watch for signs that you need rest as you increase your mileage. You want to catch potential roadblocks BEFORE you injure yourself so you can not miss a lot of training healing.