Monday, February 5, 2007

The cold wins again

10 miles, 8:48 pace

I really wanted to do my usual loop around campus today but with the cold I figured I would just run on the track inside. It wasn't much fun. Keeping count of how many times I had circled the 200 meter track was more difficult than running itself. I felt like a hamster in a wheel, going around the track 80 times to achieve my 10 miles. I hate running on such flat surfaces because I always have strange aches and pains when I am done, caused by constant rhythm with no hills to break it up. I think this track could become my home for most of this week, O well, what ever it takes to put in the miles. I haven't seen a trail in over a week, not cool.


Mike said...


Is that the same track I used to run on with the banked turns? I don't remember the details, but I do remember those turns. It was in a building right in the center of campus.....not the Shoe, another building....

I didn't run today, I swam a half mile, lifted and played some light basketball. The time off of running has really helped. All of the little nagging crap after the 50k weekend seems to be gone and I will be cranking back up to more running soon. I go to work Wednesday and hopefully I end up in some warm cities where I can run outdoors!

Josh said...


Nope, not the same track. They just finished the new rec center last year. It is just next door to the one you speak of. The new rec is really nice. Better than any gym I have been to and it is part of our student fees. That is one good thing our new president hasn't taken from us yet.
I am glad to here your feeling good. with all that cross training you have been doing I am sure you will have no trouble adjusting right back into running. If you do land some place warm make sure you bring some of that back here!