Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ice Sucks

1 mile, about 15 minutes

I'm glad I got in 10 yesterday because today was not happening. The rec center was closed so I was forced outside. It was in between my first and second step on the sidewalk that I realized I was not getting very far today. I shuffled and skated about a mile around the block and decided to call it a day. I did have my first experience running on ice so I guess it wasn't I total loss. I hate ice. It sucks to run on, it sucks to fall on, I don't even like ice in my drink.


Anonymous said...


Do you have an old retired pair of running shoes? You should try to make a pair of screw shoes just for fun and try them out! 3-5 bucks max in screws from a hardware store....and a screwdriver or cordless drill to screw em in.

google screw shoes and skyrunner if you want an instruction page....Matt Carpenter of CO has a good one on his skyrunner website.


Josh said...


Thanks for the idea. I really need to do that soon.

Kim said...

This winter training is for the birds. It's getting so hard to get runs in anywhere!!
Time to move south!