Friday, February 2, 2007

Is it spring yet??

10 Miles, 9:40 pace

Man, it was so nice through December I was hoping it would be a mild winter. I wasn't able to catch a break in January, I even went to Southern California to run a 50k, it was 14 degrees at the start!! February is looking even colder. they are talking about wind chills below zero for this weekend! Hopefully all of this cold outdoor running will help me out in the spring. I did the loop around campus again today. I was pretty busy during work today and didn't eat much all day, so before I left the office I got into the fridge and at a turkey sandwich left over from lunch, an English muffin, a bagel, a bag of cheese-its, drank to glasses of water, then went out and ran 10 miles. Not exactly a text book pre run meal, but i figured it would be good training for encountering stomach problems during a 100 miler. It turned out I didn't have any stomach problems at all. I am starting to find out that my stomach is one of my biggest assets. I can eat anything available at aid stations without any problems. Its weird because I never eat sweets or candy besides when I am racing but it never bothers my stomach. The run went well today and I think I will get in a long run this weekend of about 15-20 miles. I will run up to my buddies house, I've done it once before its a pretty good run, but a little tricky because a large part is on busy roads with no side walks.

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