Saturday, June 9, 2007

168 hours from now (7 days) I will be on the trails on my way to 100 miles! For the remainder of my taper I am going to run 50 miles today, 30 tomorrow, and 30 next week before the race...Just kidding ;) I will only be running 2 more times before the race, 5 miles each. Tomorrow, I will run 5 in MAF at night with Brian. On Wednesday I will also run 5 in MAF then I will take off Thursday and Friday.
I had my first dream about Mo last night! It was Friday afternoon, 15 minutes before I was set to leave to drive up and I had totally forgot about packing my stuff. I was grabbing stuff and throwing it in bags. There were a lot of things that I didn't have, and couldn't find. When I woke up from this dream I realized, this is usually how I pack my stuff before I leave for a race, uh oh. I better get packing this weekend!
I will be leaving for Mo around 3:15 on Friday afternoon. I took off work Friday so I can sleep in. My mom is going to come with me. We will leave right when she gets off work. We should be there around 6.

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