Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The recovery seems to be coming along. I still have blisters on the bottoms of both feet, but I am able to walk normally. My quads are still pretty fatigued. I am just starting to eat and drink as much as I should. Besides the blisters the recovery process hasn't been that bad, no worst than my first marathon. All of the sorness is gone. Hopfully I will be able to go for a run in the next couple days. If it weren't for my mashed up feet I would be doing great.


Sensationally Red said...

I was wondering if you are prone to blisters when running a standard road marathon. I'm generally not blister prone, but have a couple foot issues. I'm working on a post today about active recovery. I don't have it up yet, but should by late afternoon. I'd like your feedback on it and if you can include anything else for recovering from hard races.

Josh said...


I have never had a problem with blisters in any of my other races (sans one minor problem at the end of my last 50). Vaseline has always worked for me on anything up to 60 miles. Because that was as far as I had gone I didn't know what would happen during the 100. Now I know I have to do something else to prevent blisters for the longer races.

matt said...

hey josh,

i was curious what kind of eating you have been doing after your 100-mile recovery. is it different than the way you eat after a 30-50 mile effort?

i imagine you will be doing a lot of research, asking around about blister prevention beyond 60 mile efforts. i would love to hear what you find out.

keep recovering strong!