Saturday, June 23, 2007

5.5 miles, 14:00 pace, Trails
2 miles, 9:30 pace (Vibrams)

apparently this cold I have contract is a bit more powerful then I anticipated. I went out for a long run at MAF today but found my self huffing and puffing with a racing heart, throbbing head, running nose and sweaty palms less than two miles in. I couldn't even complete one 5 mile loop. Of course It took me a couple miles to get back to my car once I abandoned the trails, because I don't know my way around the roads in the park, so I got in 5 1/2. It was actually nice to feel like that. I remember less than two years ago, that is exactly how I would have felt on a two mile run, without a cold!

Once I got home I decided to go for a short run in the Vibram five fingers. Now that Mohican training is done I am going to try to work these into my training. When I first got them I made the mistake of going for a 7+ mile run which gave me shin a calf pain for a few weeks. These shoes are not something you should jump into head first (which is my tendency with everything.) I am prepared to take a smart approach with them this time around. I will only wear them while running the sidewalk loop around my block, which is two miles. this is a good loop with a HUGE hill so it is good for training. I would like to run this loop every morning before work, but I have a big problem with morning runs.

I really feel like getting in a good workout today so I am going to the pool to see if my cold will be more cooperative towards swimming than it has be towards running. I better go now, I don't want to miss all the drama unfolding at Western States!! I am sitting here staring at the computer while they are out there running. Then again they were probably doing the same thing last week while I was out there running, so I don't feel too bad.


Sensationally Red said...

Did Mike K. pass around his cold to everyone, or is this what they alway warn about after long hard races? How'd the swimming go? Hey, you recognize my profile picture. I had to crop you out since I didn't think you'd want to be on my profile picture. I still have the original though! Thanks for putting my blog on your links!

Josh said...


I can't blame this one on Mike. I think it is due to a vulnerable immune system after the race. The swim went well, thanks. I DO remember that picture, and I definitely recognize that sexy leg in the background, lol. As far as adding your blog to my links, it was long overdo. I check it everyday! I just never got around to updating my links. Now I don’t have to go to Mike’s page to get to yours, looks like Mike’s page views are going to take a hit, lol.

Anonymous said... that is why I had so many hits...I knew there was a reason.

Nice new photos on your blog though.

I have been watching WSER too...but gotta get off my butt for a run.