Friday, June 22, 2007

5 miles 12:00 pace, trails

My legs felt good as new today. the bottoms of my feet are still a bit tender, but they're OK for running. I think I have a little bit of a cold, but the run felt really good today. I am ready to get back into full training mode next week.


ErieTom said...

Wow, you FINALLY got around to a run just tonight?? ;-) I ran Wednesday night (6.5 miles) and 7.5 miles tonight.

Yes, you really twisted my arm to do McNaughton Park! Ouch!

Blisters? What are those? :-) My feet were pristine (as usual) after it. Inner layer - Injinji toe socks (the outdoor ones - NuWool) and 2nd outer pair of socks - SmartWool Adrenaline Lights (also some merino wool in them like the Injinji's). You won't have any blisters if you wear those and keep your feet dry (see the trash bags in my race report). :-)

Glad you are feeling better and getting back into it Josh!

Josh said...

3 pairs of socks, thats what I have to wear to stop blisters?? Oh well, I have to find SOMETHING that works for BR. That pain really took its toll during the race.