Tuesday, June 12, 2007

5 miles 12:00 pace, trails

I think it has been more than a month now since I have run on the road. I was floating along the trails tonight. I felt better than I did for my Sunday run. no cricks or loose knees. I think running every other day is a better taper plan for me. I will run 5 more on Thursday. About a mile into my run today I cam across another baby deer. It was half on, half off the trail as I approached. She had her little head buried in the knee high grass just off the trail. If you haven't seen a baby deer, it is quite a site. There bodies are the size of a chiwawa, while there legs are more than twice as long as there bodies. Her long legs trembled in fear, but she didn't budge as I got closer. I think she thought she was camouflage, but she was standing right in the middle of the path, lol. I was probably just as frightened as she was when I passed. I didn't want to scare her, and I didn't want her mother to come out and attack me (ever since that guy at the HUFF 50k got trampled by a deer, breaking his collar bone, I have had the thought of a deer attack in the back of my mind). I passed by her less than 3 inches away, yet she still didn't move. I thought about petting her, but decided against it.
There was a new large branch down along the trail today. I run this trail so often I notice a new fallen branch, nice. I made a list today of where I will put my drop bags and what I will have in each one, now I just have to pack them. Only three more days! I can't stand waiting any longer!


Mike said...

I am curious where your drop bags will be, and what they will have? just starting to think about those things for BR myself.

Hey, one more thing...you gotta get a new profile picture! That barely looks like you to me....now that I have run with you and seen you a bunch, I think you need a Mo better photo! I will work on that this weekend too.

Sensationally Red said...

Mike...make sure he takes his shirt off for the new photo!
;-) Just a dirty ole lady comment for ya!

Josh said...


No pics of me with my shirt of until we get some of you in the sports bra! that seems fair to me.

E-Speed said...

I feel the same way about deer, and felt that way before I heard about the Huff guy. Now I am even more wary!

Good luck this weekend! Looking forward to the recap!