Monday, June 11, 2007

I decided to swim a mile today as part of my taper. Not running is tough but not doing any physical activity is even tougher, so I had to do something. Swimming was the best thing I could think of that would give my legs a break while offering me some cardio. To say that my swimming skills are rough is an understatement. I am one of those people that keeps there head above water at all times while doing the free style. I can't get that whole breathing thing down. I also don't know how to kick my legs and paddle with my arms at the same time so I just flail my scrawny arms while my lower have lies motionless. It took me 52 minutes to swim a mile. I didn't find it particularly demanding, just awkward. I won't worry to much about my swimming until I start my Ironman training in the next year or so.

I had trouble sleeping last night. I can't stop thinking about the race. I can't wait to get out there! 4 more days!

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Sensationally Red said...

Swimming is the ultimate cross-training for runners. I'd love to take you swimming with Mike sometime and I can help you get down the technique. It takes some work, but once you get that down you can swim forever. Now, calm yourself down. Tapers really suck. I bet you feel like crawling out of your skin. Hang in there!