Saturday, June 23, 2007

2.5 mile swim, 1:45

I went to the pool to complement my other, not so great, workouts today (See previous post.) Luckily swimming didn't bother my cold at all. I wore goggles this time so I was able to work on the whole breathing under water thing. It allowed me to get in a much better rhythm, and my neck wasn't so damn sore after I finished, lol. I felt like I could have just kept going and going. I actually did a little more then 2.5. I was on my way to 3 when the life guards starting blowing there whistles at me "excuse me sir, the pool is now closed." oops, I thought it closed at 9:30 apparently it was 8:30. The life guards probably weren't to found of me anyway, I was the only person in the damn pool most of the time I was there. I guess most people have better things to do at 8pm on a Saturday night, not me! Now I just need to figure out how to kick my legs and swing my arms at the same time.


Sensationally Red said...

Well you need a geeky swim cap to complete the whole swimmer ensemble! I just ran 16 miles on the Buckeye Trail plus an additional 2 since we got lost. I feel MUCH better this week, but I'm going to finish the day with some swimming. The more you swim, the better the rhythmn. It all clicked for me one day last winter when I had been swimming about 4 months or so. I'm glad to see you're sticking with the swimming. It's the best complement to Ultra-running!

Addy said... swam 2 1/2 miles!?! Now I know how slow I am. I did .93 miles a few days ago and it took an hour. Didn't help that I kept switching swim styles I'm sure, but still. You're awesome! Glad you enjoyed the swim and that it didn't bother your cold

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

You got yelled at! Sucks to be in the pool and doing everything right but still be in trouble.

Josh said...


No swim cap for this guy!


yeah, I have never really done any long swims before so it was nice. Now I need to get rid of this cold so I can run!


ha, They were probably just tired of seeing my goofy ass go back and forth.