Friday, June 29, 2007

I went for another short bike ride today. I did 9 miles and felt a little more comfortable than yesterday. I am getting better at turning but the balance is still a little shaky at times. I am struggling with all the gears, making my pedaling very inefficient. My butt is killing me from the seat! I have a boney but. I need a big cushy grandma seat.

I am looking forward to a big weekend of running. I will be leaving early tomorrow morning for Cuyahoga Falls to do back to back 50k's with mike. Kim will be joining us for Saturday morning and Sunday and Rob will be joining us for Sunday, along with some other runners that I haven't met.


Anonymous said...

I should have put two and two together...I know why you didn't come wanted to try out that sweet ride some more! See you damn early bro!

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh:

If your bike is fit correctly, then you should be able to take the pressure off your rear end and put more on your legs, particurly when you are going over bumps. I know that when I got my bike I just sat on the seat like I did when I was a kid and my butt was killing me after just a few miles. You don't have to lift your butt all the way off, just take some of the pressure off.

Run well this weekend.

Happy trails,