Wednesday, June 6, 2007

5 miles, 9:00 pace, trails

As I ran from the oval, where I park my car, to the start of the trail today I heard my name being called from a passing car. As I looked back it was Mike. He was also coming for an evening run on the 5 mile loop. I waited a minute while he put on his shoes and we set of together. My legs felt great after two days without running. we ran a brisk pace (for me anyway.) I was just trying to keep the speedy Mike from running me over. The run felt great today. I also got in some good stretching afterwards. I plan on doing a couple more 5 mile runs this week, only at a slower pace. Now its time for me to get caught up on my Trail Running Mag. reading. I haven't even finished the May issue and they've already sent the July issue.

We have entered the single digit countdown for Mo!!! I can't wait for race day. I'm not nervous, just ready.

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Kim said...

I just want to do this.
For me, it's a celebration of these trails. I know them fairly well. At least I thought so before the night run. I hope you notice the beauty, and the change of conditions, and foliage out on the trails here.
I've run them all unofficially. I hope you all, on the official track course, love them as much as I do.