Thursday, June 21, 2007

feeling good today. I think I will go out for my first run tomorrow evening, after all BR100 is less than 1.5 months away!! My goal for BR is to finish, Like Tom did at Mohican, feeling good! I really think I could have done that if I hadn't lost my mind at mile 67. I tell ya, it was amazing how good I felt after 75 miles and 20+ hours of running.
I have been looking for advice as far as blister prevention goes. I am going to switch to a different lubricant for my toes. I have heard that something with more of a cream base is better than using vaseline, which apparently sucks water up into your feet. I am also going to tape the bottoms of my feet to prevent the blisters on the balls.
on a side note I was able to talk Erie Tom into running the 150 miler at McNaughton in Illinois with me next year!!! OK, so it didn't take much coercion. All I did was mention it to him, then a few hours later he sends me the entrants list with his name on it! What a nut! ha. Sooo, who else is going to join us in this adventure?? It is the longest ultra in the country, you can't tell me you don't want a crack at it?!
gave me a lot of confidence for future 100 mile and further runs. I know I will have some bad ones and there are many things that could led to DNF's but now I know that if I do everything right come race day I can finish!


matt said...


julie berg, a fantastic 100+ mile runner suggests using her magic potion...i have been using it for a year now and haven't had a single blister. i haven't run that kind of distance yet (40 is my longest, but it worked for that and it works great for her on 100 mile runs).

make a big batch...

3 oz. vaseline
3 oz. aloe cream
3 oz. vitamin a cream
3 oz. vitamin e cream
3 oz. desitin baby rash ointment
3 oz. a&e baby rash ointment

mix it all together and store in a handy container. i goop it on before all my runs and it has worked wonders. i have baby smooth feet at the end, too :)

good luck...i look forward to hearing about other remedies for those longer distances.

Kim said...

Oh the peer pressure is bad!!! I can't believe TOM is signed up for the 150 miler at McNAughton. When is that? Andrew has me 75% talked into a 100 at Rocky Raccoon in Texas somewhere in February. I was thinking of the McNAughton 50 miler but now I don't know...maybe I need to run more!!

Anonymous said...

No shit on the peer pressure. Kim, that Rocky Racoon race has my interest...I have read alot of race reports there....liked the sound of it.

NO WAY I am considering McNaughton next year. But Josh is cementing his position as my hero. Wow.

For Kim and Josh both, Tony is excited to run with you during our 50k's weekend. Kim, you are only coming up for Sunday right?

Kim said...

JOSH what about a Rocky Raccoon in February 2008?? 50 or 100 miles? Good training run for the spring!!!

Josh said...


I am laying it on thick, just trying to push us to achieve more, ya know? I am pumped about the 50k's too.


well I would like to have 5 100's under my belt by the time I tackle McNaughton, so Rocky Raccoon is a strong possibility, and would be even stronger if you guys were going also!

You know you want to run the 150!! Don't you remember when we were doing our Mo training run and Tom said this my be his ONLY 100 miler?? Now he is going for 150, and you should too! ha, all the cool kids are doing it!

I am going to find out just how long I can go, who's with me??

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...


Here is what I have learned about blisters for me. Each person is different but here you go:

1: Make sure toe nails are trimmed and kept short during training to allow for prep
2: I purchased shoes from VERTCLE RUNNING that is 1/2 size bigger to allow for my feet to swell.
3: I purchased these socks.

I have pics of my feet before. I did not get one blister during the Mohican 100. I was tore up on even the shortest runs/races before I tried this change.

Addy said...

wow...somehow I missed that you were going to do another 100 so soon! I guess I sort of knew about BR in the back of my mind, but it didn't click? You are so awesome and inspiring :)