Thursday, June 14, 2007

I went to MAF for a final tune up run today, but while I was sitting in my car I decided against it. I weighed the pros and cons. I thought the only good that would come out of the run today would be that it might make my legs a little more loose at the beginning of the race Saturday, but then I thought "I have 100 miles to loosen up." I also thought I could twist an ankle or wear down my legs a tad before the race if I ran today, so I just didn't run at all. I am starting to lose my damn mind waiting for this race. I have so much built up energy I can't sit still.

It's time to lay it on the line! I haven't DNF'ed in any of my 23 races, That won't change this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Awesome decision Bro! You are so close, you have everything you need within you now. YOU must allow it out a TINY LITTLE BIT AT A TIME! You have enough for 100 miles. You know that in your heart right now....know it as well at 80 miles. 90 miles. 99 miles. I cannot wait to see your buckle.

Kim said...

Good decision. Your legs will loosen up hiking up the first big hill-about 1 mile into the race.
I willbe so glad (and sad) not to see your freaking counter any longer!

E-Speed said...

you're going to do great! You just have taper madness right now. Good Luck!