Sunday, June 10, 2007

5 miles 11:00 pace, trail

I met Brian Bob and Mike for our Sunday night loop in MAF. This is the last night run before Mo. I my legs felt fresh. I did notice my knees felt a bit loose. I think it might be from going two days without running. I was planning on only running one more time on Wednesday, but now I might switch it to running 5, two or three times this week.


TRuLy said...

Good luck in the marathon!!
Take care..


Josh said...


Thanks, I'm going to give it all i've got!

Mike said...

Right, but a LITTLE bit at a time right bro? No 6:25 first 50k times for the first 100 miler right? I am gonna be watching for your splits like a hawk while I volunteer, and you BETTER not be too fast!

Kim said...

See you on Friday travel safe!

Josh said...


If I come through the first 50k at 6:25 you better hit me over the head or something!