Thursday, January 10, 2008

CrossFit Central 300 Challenge


tony said...

OK, where do I sign up Josh? Wow, looks like more fun than working out in my basement! I know it's got to be draining, but that feels good in a sick sorta way, right?
Thanks for sharing the video... now I know what your bod will look like come spring / summer!

Josh said...


CrossFit is great! It's much more fun that just lifting weights. There are two CrossFit gyms in Cleveland, you should check one of them out.

Catra said...

I love this this workout! It rocks.
I finally can do 4 kipping pull-ups in a row. And I have the double unders down but can only do 5 at a time. You should check out Buddy Lee's sight he's the jump rope master. My trainer Freddy is going to the Buddy Lee cert. while im in Hawaii so I know when I get back we will be doing tons of rope jumping.