Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I haven't done much of anything since the race on Saturday. I was pretty sore Sunday and Monday. Apparently running 32 miles after no running for 2 weeks isn't a good idea. I'm still having problems with my shin/calf/Achilles on my left leg which will most likely mean a forced break from any good running for a while. So it doesn't look like I'll be going to Rocky Raccoon in Feb. I need to go to a doc and get this thing figured out soon. Like Tom's e-mail this morning warned me, only 100 days until McNaughton Park 150, If I'm even able to run by then...that's a depressing thought.


Nick said...

Hang in there. I am struggling with the same kind of thing...-Not running much.
It seems something always comes up and gets in my way.
Hopefully it is nothing major.

Anonymous said...

Get better gotta tell us what happens WHEN you see the doctor. not IF - but WHEN...ok? don't put it off anymore.

tony said...

Josh, so sorry you are hurt, but.. you are young and will heal quick. Just get your rehab started and be loyal to it like you do with your running. You can spin / bike and stay in reasonable running shape. Hang in there Stud!

wrong way said...

awe, sorry, J! I hadn't read this before I emailed you today re: sylamore. It would still be a fun road trip if you want to come with us! (it's a 50K) I hope you are feeling better soon! I've been having hamstring/shin problems recently, too, so I hear your frustrations.

Kim said...

Get yourself fixed Josh!
I mean your leg're too young for the other...never mind.

You need to dial back on some workouts. It doesn't have to be hard core every single time.

Josh said...


Yeah, these bumps in the road really suck.


Ok ok, i'll make to appointment :)


I think biking and CF will keep me in shape for a little while.


Frustrating for sure! Hope your hammy and shin heal up soon!


so I shouldn't get fixed? OK.