Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Three rounds:

15 Over head squats (45lb barbell)
(much more difficult than it appears. Don't believe me? give it a try.)

500M row

My row times were 1:58, 1:54, 1:46

we also had some good practice on muscle ups. I did them with the resistance bands again, but I can't get enough power to make the transition for pull up to dip without assistance.

Tonight I ran 10 miles at a slow pace. I just wanted to test my legs before Winter Buckeye this weekend. I felt good but can feel a significant drop in endurance. WBT50K is going to be slow going this weekend. I'm not concerned about my finishing time, I just hope I can do it pain free.


Anonymous said...

Josh, shall we anchor the field? I have some good jokes to tell you to keep us entertained. You ever hear of Engagement, OH?

Liz said...

rose colored glasses are the way to go :) i think its important to always try to look for the positive. ( even if it takes a little longer in the winter...burrrrr)

i can't remember ... did you say you were doing last chance?
i am...but just the half.

tony said...

Josh, great plan and wishing you a fun and pain-free BT run as you said. Just make sure you stop at 31 and don't think this is 100 miler and try to do 3+ loops!

Josh said...


I will definitely start out in the back with you and probably stay there for at least the first half, then I'll see how I'm feeling, and either pick it up, or stay with you. I'm not necessarily going to try and run slow, but I want to start out slow then see what I can handle as the race goes on, I'm not in top shape, so we'll see what happens.


hmmm...don't give me any ideas, Tony! I wish you were going to be out there having fun with all of us!