Sunday, January 27, 2008

I didn't have any soreness from the race last night or today. My quads were a little tired but other than that, it's almost like my body forgot to register that I ran 31 miles yesterday, and no pain from my previous injuries. I went to yoga today, to help stretch me out a little. I also went to spinning class. I just used it as active recovery, I didn't work very hard.


tony said...

Wow! That's great to hear you have no pain! And good pic of you signing the "O" in O - H - I - O !!
You can call it "victory" sign if you want, but Rob and I know better. Nice race report too!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

TONY! You are right. That was a "O" he was trying to do. Great attempt Josh. Glad to hear your leg is better. Great race and wish I could have been there.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

After one year of blogging do you feel like a character in a sitcom? Can I be the Soup Natzi?
Great seeing you again.

Josh said...


You are mistaken, that is clearly the "U" in my "UC" cheer!!


See above comment!! We missed you out there, it's been a while since we've run together, whats up with that? I remember the stretch we had last year, 4 straight weekends of long runs together before BR, we need to get that going again.

Chef Bill,

Sure, you can be the soup natzi, but I get to be Kramer. but just Kramer the character, not the real life Kramer who makes all the racist remarks, lol.

Nick said...

Good to hear the pain has not reared its ugly head.
Remember, 2008 is just another great year ready to happen.