Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CrossFit WOD:

15 rounds:

Dead lift: 7 reps @ 135lbs

1 kipping pull-up

After class tonight I went to the rec for a hard session on the elliptical. I went for 5.5 miles in 30 minutes, 5:27 pace, HR topping out at 170. If only I could run that fast.

I ran 400M after my time on the elliptical, no pain, but I was too tired to keep going. I'm thinking about trying to run 2-3 miles tomorrow.


Nick said...

Let us know how your run goes.
Even though it is 2-3 miles, I am jealous!

Jeff said...

Hey Josh, I've been reading your recent posts and noticed you're doing a lot of strength training...did you injure something??

Josh said...


I've been having a little trouble with my left shin, and have been doing a lot of cross-training. I'm looking to get back into running in the next week.